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"On Device" helps companies choose the right technology, design the right solution, and deliver it at the right price. We are a niche IT consultancy providing Enterprise Mobility services and products. Our goal is to be your "Trusted Enterprise Mobility Partner".

Right Technology

We help our clients cut through the technical and marketing maze to choose the right technology for their specific business needs. Our neutral approach to technology selection ensures that we work in interest of our clients. We use our technical expertise and experience to help our clients to shorten their technology selection process.

Right Design

We think that although technology is based on science, it is more of an art to design it in the right way. We use a combination of best practice and innovation to make sure that the proposed technology is designed in the right way for our customer needs. Although, we consider a variety of parameters while designing our solutions, we put extra emphasis on simplicity.

Right Price

In these times of globalisation and increasing competition, the focus on cost is greater than ever. We use right mix of onshore/offshore delivery to optimise the cost without compromising quality.

Our Products


Boost Productivity, Workplace Safety and Reliability with "myJobCard".
“myJobCard” is a mobile Work and Asset Management application which integrates with SAP ERP and come with an inbuilt dynamic form engine.
“myJobCard” brings together best practice from our extensive experience of deploying Mobile Asset Management solutions, incorporates feedback provided by our customers, and leverages latest advancements in mobile technology.

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Watch this 2 minute video to know more about "myJobCard" and get in touch to request a demo.

Our Services

Enterprise Mobility Stratergy

There is no doubt that mobility is the next big computing evolution which would impact almost all companies. Some companies will use it to their advantage, whereas others will struggle to make best use of it and lose out.

On Device Solutions can help you deliver an actionable Mobility Strategy in short time using our own methodology and accelerators. Click Read more to find out how your company can capitalise on the opportunities offered by Enterprise Mobility.

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SAP Work Manager

We are an SAP Partner with experience of deploying SAP Work Manager for many customes. Our founding members are former Syclo consultants, and we even have add-ons for common customer enhancement requirements for SAP Work Manager.

Click read more to know more about SAP Work Manager and our Rapid Deployment Solution for SAP Work Manager.

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Mobile Application Development

We offer consulting services to help our clients design, deliver, and support their enterprise mobility solutions end to end.Mobile solution design has to answer many questions like Online/Offline, HTML5/Native/Configuration, Platform/Direct, Build/Buy, Integration etc. With our experience and expertise we help you come up with the optimum mobile solution for your requirements.

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SAP Solution Architecture Consultation

Deciding to implement an SAP system is a good start, but those who know SAP would echo that customers can only reap real benefits if SAP is architected/designed in the right way. Click read more to know key things we consider while architecting/designing an SAP solution.

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SAP Inventory Manager

With the SAP Inventory Manager mobile application, you have the tools needed to improve and manage inventory levels, efficiently fill customer orders, and track the movement of materials using mobile devices with scanning functionality.

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SAP Fiori

Standard Fiori apps are free, and can increase ROI on your SAP investments by enabling any device, any time access to your SAP system.

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